Shipping and Delivery

To place an order go to the Cart, click the “Proceed to checkout” button and fill in all the required fields marked by red *. Fields “Name” and “Second Name” should be filed in roman alphabet.

The delivery charge will be added online to the total order amount when filling out the data on delivery address.*

After filling all fields out and pressing the “Place Order” button you’ll be redirected to the secure LiqPay web page where you need to insert your credit card info to make a payment.

Secure payment services we are supporting now:

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After the order will be received you get a “no-reply” message on your mail inserted at order.
During the next business day (Mon – Fri, GMT+3 11-00 – 19-00) a notification will be sent to your email once the order be processed.

*Attention! The order amount doesn’t include possible customs charges in your country.

Delivery of all orders is carried out by the postal company UkrPoshta.

The delivery charge is calculating online depends from the product’s volume/weight and the country of destination. *

After order processing you’ll get a message on your mail with tracking number.

Track your order here.

!!! Please note that customs regulations in your country may incur additional costs.
We recommend that you clarify these rules in advance.

*Gaming chairs shipnig is possible only within the territory of Ukraine.

**Delivery is not made to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and the territories where the Joint Forces Operation is being conducted.

Average delivery terms to different countries are shown here.

Country Average delivery time
Albania from 15 days
Argentina from 24 days
Armenia from 10 days
Austria from 8 days
Azerbaijan from 9 days
Belarus from 8 days
Belgium from 9 days
Bosnia and Herzegovina from 14 days
Brazil from 24 days
Bulgaria from 11 days
Canada from 10 days
China from 15 days
Croatia from 8 days
Cyprus from 13 days
Czech Republic from 10 days
Denmark from 13 days
Egypt from 14 days
Estonia from 11 days
Finland from 11 days
France from 8 days
Georgia from 10 days
Germany from 9 days
Greece from 16 days
Hong Kong from 15 days
Hungary from 11 days
Iceland from 16 days
India from 24 days
Ireland from 16 days
Israel from 12 days
Iran from 14 days
Italy from 16 days
Japan from 14 days
Jordan from 14 days
Kazakhstan from 10 days
Kyrgyzstan from 11 days
Latvia from 7 days
Lithuania from 11 days
Luxemburg from 18 days
Macedonia from 14 days
Mexico from 26 days
Moldova from 7 days
Montenegro from 9 days
Morocco from 23 days
Netherlands from 9 days
Norway from 8 days
Pakistan from 18 days
Poland from 10 days
Portugal from 20 days
Romania from 14 days
Russian Federation from 14 days
Saudi Arabia from 26 days
Serbia from 10 days
Singapore from 18 days
Slovakia from 8 days
Slovenia from 14 days
South Korea from 14 days
Spain from 15 days
Sweden from 12 days
Switzerland from 10 days
Tajikistan from 26 days
Thailand from 11 days
Tunisia from 26 days
Turkey from 10 days
Ukraine from 3 days
United Arab Emirates from 10 days
United Kingdom from 9 days
USA from 14 days
Uzbekistan from 12 days